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Posted by Henry2 on Thursday, September 1, 2011 at 9:55am.

I rewrote all the sentences in the simple present as you suggested to me.
Can you please check them?

1) The narrator writes that he has always been fond of pets. He has had pets at home since he was a child. He has continued having pets at home even after getting married.
2) His favourite pet is a black cat, Pluto, that preferred his wife, though. Pluto is a beautiful, big, cat. He is intelligent and follows his master everywhere, even through the streets. 3) After some years though, the narrator’s personality changes because of alcohol addiction. One night he cuts out one of the cat’s eyes from its socket. The cat recovers but always tries to avoid its master after that. 4)Even though the socket of his lost eye is awful, the cat doesn’t seem to be suffering any longer. One morning the narrator hangs the cat with a rope from a tree near his house.
5) That night there is a fire and his house is completely destroyed. When he visits the ruins the day after, he sees a gigantic cat with a rope round its neck against the wall that has been behind his bed before.
6) The image seems engraved upon the wall and obsesses him for months.One night, in a pub, he sees a black cat, very similar to Pluto, except for an area of white hair on its breast, and takes it home with him.

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