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4th grade math

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I'm a 4 digit number with no 2 digits the same.
My ones digit is twice my thousands digit and 1 less than my tens digit.
My hundreds digit is the difference between my tens digit and my thousands digit.
My thousands digit is an odd number less than 6.
What number am I?

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    and 2a=b-1

    so a cannot be 1 as that would make the hundreds digit the same as the ones
    if a is 2, then 2a=4, and b=5, and the thousands digit is also4.
    if a is 3, then 2a=6, and b=7, and thousands is 4 (7-3)
    number is 3476
    lets see if there are others.
    if a is 4, 2a is 8, and b=9, and b-a is 5: solution 4598
    a cannot be greater than 4, as the ones digit has to be twice a.

    SO, two solutions: 3476 and 4598

    check all this.

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    what is the value of the underline digit 6.... 4,600,028

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    how can you explain the difference between 120-70 using mental math

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    what is the fist anwer.

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    I am a 3-digit number. My ones digit is three times my tens digit. Two times the sum of my tens and ones digits equals my tenths digit. What am I ?

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    the answer is 1232
    as two of the digits should be same also

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