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Posted by avinash on Sunday, August 28, 2011 at 6:08am.

Which of the following does not print the numbers from I to 10?
A) maino

int i;

while (i<=10)

printf("%d\n", i); j++;

B) main()

int i;

i=O; do

Printf("%d\n". ++i), while (i<10);

C) maino

int i; for (i=l ; i<=1 0; i++) printf("%d\n", i); I D) maino

int i;

i=O; do I printf("%d\n", ++i); while (i<=10);
69) char sl [] = 1"rhis is a string"; char s2a = "pqrs";

Identify the code snippet which returns the first location in the String sl where any character from the
String s2 occurs


Searching for one of "pqrs" in the string '7his is a string" Located in position:3 A) for (i=O s2[ij !=AO', i++) for 0 = 0; ~1 U1 1=AO, if (s2[ij = sl Uj) ( if (POS = ‑111 j < p0s)
pos = j;
B) for (i=O; s2fi] !=AO'; i++) for 0 = 0; sl Ul !=AO'; j++) if (s2[ij s 1 Uj) ( if (Pos ‑111 j < pos) POS = j;
C) for(i=Qs2[ij!='O';i++){ for 0 = 0; S' U1 !=V: j++) if (s2li] sl Uj) ( if (Pos ‑111 j < pos) pos = j;
D) for (i=O; s2fil 1= W; I++) for a = 0; slUl !=AO'; j++) if (s2[ij sl U]) ( if (pos 111 j < pos) pos = j. I

70) What could be the output of the following program? ffinclude < stdio.h > maino struct r

char city[10]; Int pin;

static struct r p =("mysore",20); static char nj] ="bangalore"; FILE *fp; fp= fopen("TRLAL",wb");

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