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in 1991 the life expectancy of males in a certain country was 73.7 years in 1997 it was 76.9 years let E represent the life expectancy in year T and let T represent the number of years since 1991

the Linear function E (T) that fits the data is E(t)=_____T+______

use the function to predict the life expectancy of males in 2008
round to the nearest tenth

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    At T=0, which is when we're in 1991, we want E(0)=73.7.

    The slope in front of T is found as follow :

    (76.9 - 73.7) divided by (1997-1991)

    = 0.53333~ = 8/15

    This mean thay the life expectancy would increase by 8/15th of a year every year.

    In short, E(T) = 8/15 x T + 73.7

    And E(17) = 8/15 x 17 + 73.7 which you can calculate.

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    close, but not quite.

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