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teacher aide language and other barriers

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the best way for a school to demonstrate multicultural awareness is to ?
(a)host special ethnic or diversity student assemblies
(b)include multicultural content in as many subject areas as possible in mathematics,science etc.(my answer)
(c)celebrate ethnic or cultural holidays throughout the year
(d)review all classroom materials and books for appropriate cultural content

besides learning to speak and read english another goal of an esl program is to ?
(a)prepare immigrant students for u.s. citizenship
(b)help immigrant students graduate from bilingual classes to english only ones
(c)reduce the use by immigrants of thier native tongue
(d)help immigrants assionilate and adjust socially to their new country(my answer)

suppose mr.smith holds so much predice against a student that it causes him to treat that student unjustly or smith is demonstrating?
(b)discrimination (my answer)

an example of an exceptional child is one who?
(a)is prejuduced against others
(b)excels in els classes
(c)speaks a foreign language
(d)is physically challenged (my answer)

if one child displays discriminatory behavior towards another in the classroom you should?
(a)seat the two students apart from one another
(b)discipline the child immediately for misbehavior
(c)have the children involved discuss their differences(my answer)
(d)consult the childs parents about the discriminatory remarks

ms sue please

  • teacher aide language and other barriers -

    Again, I like all of your answers.

    A big HOWEVER, though! I don't like the meaning of "exceptional" as physically challenged. Note's definitions of exceptional:

    forming an exception or rare instance; unusual; extraordinary: The warm weather was exceptional for January.
    unusually excellent; superior: an exceptional violinist.
    Education . (of a child)
    being intellectually gifted.
    being physically or especially mentally handicapped to an extent that special schooling is required."

  • teacher aide language and other barriers -

    i totally agree with you but thts hows its worded

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