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teacher aide language and other barriers

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to encourage positive self-esteem among students in an anti based classroom you should?
(a)encourage equal competition among the sexes as much as possible
(b)give rewards that provide instant gratification
(c)push all students to be the best they can be
(d)provide special recignition to individual achievers when appropriate (my answer)

when selecting books for the classroom you should avoid ones that include ?
(a)nontraditional roles such as gay or lesbian people single parents ect.
(b)stereotyped characters due to race gender or exceptionality (my answer)
(c)characters who are unrealistic or don't resemble real people or real life
(d)characters who are too powerful or overbearing

as a teacher aide in a multicultural classroom you should realize that?
(a)your teacher is the best resoource for information on diversity related information (my answer(
(b)its uo to you to help improve childrens attitudes today so we can have a better world tomorrow
(C)multicultural awareness is a lifelong endeavor
(d)the best way to teach a child about other cultures is to learn about his or her own heritage first

as a teacher aide in an els classroom its within your responsibilities to?(a)meet with parents one on one to discuss their childs needs
(b)provide language translation for the teacher when requested (my answer)
(c)determine when an esl student is ready to be mainstreamed into the classroom
(d)keep the lines of communication open between teachers students and parents

ms sue thank you so much for everything you do

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    Your answers are correct.

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