March 25, 2017

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in an esl classroom teacher aides should prepare themselfs to?
(a)learn or become familiar with appropriate language related software programs(my answer)
(b)handle all disciplinary measures that arise on behalf of the teacher
(c)counsel parents regarding their childs progress or problems
(d)construct lesson plans as needed

a student who has limited english proficiency would most likely be placed in a(n)?
(a)esl 1 class
(b)esl 11 class(my answer)
(c)lep class
(d)sheltered-content class

to say that all african-american males are fast runners is an example of?
(c)stereotype (my answer)

ms sue please help

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    I assume that esl 11 is the second esl class. It should be written esl II or esl 2.

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    right on all

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    "themselfs" = ????

    How "limited" in English? If very limited, then ESL I, not II. If somewhat limited, but has already taken ESL I, then ESL II is fine.

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    Could you check my answers please

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    When selecting books for the classroom you should avoid ones that include
    A. characters who are powerful.
    B. nontraditional roles such as gay or lesbian people or single parents.
    C. characters who are unrealistic or don't resemble real people or real life. (this is the correct ans)
    D. characters that portray a particular race, gender, or exceptionality.

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