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Homework Help: student supervision

Posted by susue on Friday, August 26, 2011 at 5:52am.

which of the following is a quality of a good supervision?
(a)someone who tries to catch students doing wrong
(b)someone who enforces rules arbitrarily
(c)someomeo who can express thought and ideas clearly(my answer)
(d)someone who is always right

what is the purpose of a practice workstation in a classroom?
(a)to provide beginning learning experiences
(b)to provide drill in skills and concepts already introduced(my answer)
(c)to foster creative activity
(d)to teach the same subject all year

if youre assigned to bus duty which of the following taskes might you except to perform?
(a)help students cross busy streets
(b)help students get from one place at school to another
(c)accompany students on field trips
(d)help students get on and off the bus (my answer)

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