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Homework Help: student supervision

Posted by susue on Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 8:41pm.

what is another name for the illness known as pediculosis?
(a)chicken pox

(d)head lice(my answer)

who does most of the talking in a student conference?
(a)student(my answer)
(c)teacher aide

when your checking out books where should you put the check out card?
(a)in the card catalog
(b)in the shelf list
(c)in the reserve self
(d)in the circulation file (my answer)

which of the following items should be found in every learning center in the classroom?
(a)math manipulatives
(b)spelling worksheets
(c)multimedia materials(my answer)
(d)maps ans timeline charts

collecting tickets and money from students encouraging good manners and helping with the cleanup are taskes associated with which duty?
(a)monitoring the playground
(b)monitoring the lunchroom(my answer)
(c)monotoring the halls
(d)monitoring the in-school su[ension room

ms sue please check these questions you have been a great help

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