February 21, 2017

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Posted by CP on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 7:22pm.

I'm writing about the treatment of Taliban women in Afghanistan and so far I've accomplished 2 paragraphs. Could you proof read it and give me some pointers? Thanks so much!

There is no stopping the madness that is charging through the blood-stained streets of the modern day massacre that is happening today in the country of Afghanistan. The treatment of Taliban women in Afghanistan today is a great tragedy to uphold. Many have described the country's treatment as brutally inhumane. A women's existence is obliterated down to nothing. Their presence is only noted as a shadow. They are denied the right to live. I am strongly agains the immoral beating that are unprovoked upon these helpless individuals.
Before the invasion of the Taliban in 1996, the percentage of well-educated and employed women was thriving. Women represented most of the teachers, students, and doctors that came from Afghanistan. Banning the basic rights of women is taking a huge toll on the educational and intellectual sate of the country. After centuries of living the way they are, the memories of a better life would fade into a brain-washed generation of women, who know nothing more than a life of malice and slander.

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