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Homework Help: Literacy 2

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Please check my work. Thank YOU!

10. Which article would be the most appropriate source to include in a bibliography for a research paper on stem cells?

A. Lemonick, Michael D., David bjerklie, Andrew Goldstein. “keeper of the stem Cells. “Time 27 Aug 2001: 57

B. Lovell-Badge, Robin. “The Future for stem Cell Research.” Nature 414:6859 (11Nov. 2001): 88.

C. Carroll, Jill and VandelHei, Jim. “Mouse Cells in Stem Lines May Limite use.” Wall street Journal 24 Aug. 2001: A3

D. Siegal Andrew. “Neutrality and Consensus: Towards a Viable Policy on Human Stem Cell Research.: Molecular Aspects of Medicine 22.3 (2001): 171-181

ANSWER #10 is D.

11. When searching in the library catalog to find information about teenaged girls who abuse alcohol, which of the following search statements would be most precise?

A. (teenaged girls) AND alcohol or abuse

B. (Teenaged girls) NOT (alcohol abuse)

C. (teenaged girls) AND (alcohol abuse)

D. (teenaged girls) OR (alcohol abuse)

ANSWER #11 is C.

12. You’re writing a paper on exercise and health, so you enter “exercise and health” in a keyword search to find articles in a library database. You search, however, several thousand articles. Which of the following would help you retrieve fewer, more useful results?

A. Narrow you topic to one aspect of exercise and health and used keywords specific to your revised topic.

B. Try the same search on Google or Dogpile.

c. Search each of your keyword term separately.

D. Try alternate term, such “physical fitness: or “vitality.”

ANSWER #12 is A.

13. It’s important to include reference in your research paper because references

A. Give credit to authors.

B. Prove that you didn’t conduct your research on the internet.

C. Are required on most writing assignment.

D. Reduce the risk of false conclusions.

ANSWER #13 is A.

14. You may safely consider the information in an internet article reliable if it

A. First appeared in print source.

B. Provides documented information.

C. Contains the author’s name and the publication date.

D. Is published by a national association.

ANSWER #14 is B.

15. When using the Internet an information source, it’s important to remember that

A. The Public Web is the best choice because it’s free.

B. Scholarly sources have a domain name ending in .sch.

C. Web sites permanently archived in the invisible Web.

D. You must evaluate Web sites for accuracy, authority, and objectivity

ANSWER #15 is D.

16. To critically evaluate the qualifications of an author on a topic, consider all of the following except the

A. Number and types of awards the author has received

B. Author’s educational background

C. Other articles the author has written.

D. Author’s age.

ANSWER #16 is D.

17. Copyright law allows for which of the following?

A. Photocopying several copies of a chapter form your textbook

B. Making a copy of a three-page journal article to use in researching your paper

C. Copying a quotation form an electronic journal to use in your research paper, without citing the source.

D. Borrowing image files from a Web site for your own Web site

ANSWER #17 is B.

18. Which of the following sets of call numbers is in the correct order?

A. CR 209 .D97 1991 CA203 .P39 1992 CL207 .K256 1976 C201 .G37 1910

B. C201 .G37 1910 CA203 .P39 1992 CL207 .K256 1977 CR 209 .D97 1991

C. C201 .G37 1919 CR 209 .D 97 1919 CL207. K256 1976 CA203. P39 1991

D. CA203 .P39 1992 CL207 .K256 1976 CR 209 .D97 1991 C201 .G37 1910

ANSWER #18 is B.

19. Scholarly articles generally include which of the following elements?

A. Detailed diagrams of the concepts presented.

B. A bibliography or a list of works cited.

C. Criticism by academic peers.

D. A complete biography of the author or authors.

ANSWER #19 is B.

20. The broadest type of search, which looks for your terms anywhere, is a/an _______ search.

A. keyword

B. subject

C. author

D. title

ANSWER #20 is A.

21. You're assigned to read criticism on Alice Walker's novel, The Color Purple. In an online catalog, you should search under

A. title for The Color.

B. subject for The Color Purple.

C. subject for Alice Walker.

D. authors for Walker, Alice

ANSWER #21 is B.

22. Which of the following would be the best way to get to a list of encyclopedias that are available on the Web?

A. Search the library catalog.

B. Search a periodical database.

C. Visit the Internet Public Library.

D. Look at the Library of Congress Web site.

ANSWER #22 is B.

23. A subject periodical index is a research tool that's used to

A. search through primary sources within a library.

B. locate current periodicals within a library.

C. locate articles in professional publications.

D. locate articles in magazines

ANSWER #23 is C.

24. When using the Internet as an information source, it's important to remember that

A. you must evaluate Web sites for accuracy, authority, and objectivity.

B. Web sites are permanently archived in the Invisible Web.

C. The Public Web is the best choice because it's free.

D. scholarly sources have a domain name ending in .sch

ANSWER #24 is A.

25. The Boolean search connector OR is used for which of the following purposes?

A. To search several different databases simultaneously

B. To narrow a search by adding another concept

C. To restrict a search by excluding results that include a particular term

D. To broaden a search by including synonyms or related terms

ANSWER #25 is D.

26. When reading an article in an encyclopedia, the fastest way to find related articles is to look

A. in the library's card catalog.

B. at the bibliography at the end of the article.

C. on the Internet.

D. in the index to the set of encyclopedias

ANSWER #26 is B.

27. Which of the following keyword searches should retrieve the most results in an online database?

A. Beta NOT blockers

B. Beta AND blockers

C. Beta OR blockers

D. Beta

ANSWER #27 is D.

28. Which Boolean operator limits your search so that each term you input must be in the same document?





ANSWER #28 is B.

29. What would a careful researcher ask about a Web site called "Facts about pesticides and health" published by the Coalition for a Chemical-Free Environment?

A. What's the cit
ation information?

B. Where was this information published?

C. Is this information being used to advocate a point of view?

D. How can I obtain copies of this article?

ANSWER #29 is A.

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