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Homework Help: Literacy

Posted by Jen on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 6:04pm.

Please check my work. Thank YOU!

1. Journals differ from magazines in that they’re

A. Printed with volume numbers.

B. Published only periodically.

C. Available by subscription.

D. Sources of academic research not intend for the general publish.

ANSWER #1 is D

2. The Atlas of World Religion is an example of which of the following reference sources?

A. Historical atlas

B. Subject-specific atlas

C. General world atlas

D. General almanac

ANSWER #2 is B

3. A subject periodical index is a research tool that’s used to

A. Locate articles in professional publications.

B. Locate articles in magazines.

C. Search through primary sources within a library.

D. Located current periodicals with a library.

ANSWER #3 is A

4. Which of the following types of document are considered primary sources?

A. Books primarily concerned with the creative process

B. Materials in language other than English

C. Raw data, diaries, letters, manuscripts, and original accounts

D. Academic journal articles and books published by scholars

ANSWER #4 is C.

5. When books are arranged in correct order on the shelves by call number, which of the following call numbers will be first?

A. D 839 .G42 2004

B. DA 546 .L74 1986

C. DE 82 .A49 2006

D. D 839 .G3 1987

ANSWER #5 is D.

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