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#1)hydrochloric acid is a relatively strong acid . imagine that HCl is added to a buffer solution containing the weak acid phosphoric acid and a salt
a)will HCl react with weak acid (H3PO4), or will it react with the salt (Na2HPO4)?
b)one product of this reaction will be a new salt(NaCl). what will the other product be?
#2)as earth worms crawl through tightly packed soil, they break it apart, making it more porous. why would this be good for plants?

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    a. It will react with the salt HPO4^2- + H^+ ==> H2PO4^-
    b. See a.
    c. Why would you think? Easier to expand? easier to obtain oxygen and/or CO2? easier to obtain H2O and other nutrients? Other?

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