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Rust contains an iron-oxygen compound in which there are three oxygen atoms for each two iron atoms. In this compound, the iron to oxygen mass ratio is 2.325:1. Another compound of iron and oxygen contains these elements in the ratio of 2.616:1. What is the ratio of iron to oxygen atoms in the second iron-oxygen compound. Explain please each step. Thanks.

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    I would do this.
    Convert grams to moles.
    2.325/55.85 = 0.04163
    1/16 = 0.0625
    Then divide EACH by the smaller value to find the ratio in small whole numbers.
    0.04163/0.04163 = 1.00
    0.0625/0.04163 = 1.50
    And the ratio in small whole numbers is
    Fe2O3 which just confirms the numbers in the problem.
    Now do the same thing with the second compound.

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