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I have to give a speech soon about my different " sides" of my life. Like my school life and what I do at school compared to how I act as a sibling etc. But I'm stumped on what my visual should be. My teacher wants originality no power point or posters with just pics allowed.

Here's basically what I'm going to be talking about. Three main categories. How I am as a student, friend, and family member. Many people brought in like objects for each category that represented them for example. Do you guys have any idea of what I could do for my visual?


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    Only you can tell really, especially since none of us knows you at all.

    Think about what you like as a student: to read? math? science? PE? or what? Then find something symbolic to represent that.

    Think about your immediate family, those you live with: if each one gave a one-word description of you, would they be similar? If they would (or even close!), then choose an item that symbolizes that.

    Do the same with about 5 or 6 close friends: what would each person's one-word description for you be? Are they similar ... or close? Find an item that symbolizes that description.

    If the last two are not close, then choose the description for each that you like best or agree most with -- then choose items.

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