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Posted by Henry on Monday, August 22, 2011 at 12:19pm.

Hello, everybody! I'm back from my holiday and I need you to check a few sentences I have to include in a test.
Thank you very much for your invalubale help.

1)He paid £200 for that shirt. It was a real rip-off.
2) How much money did he pay for that shirt?
3) Mick bought Madonna's autograph at £20. At what price did he buy it?
4) Mention 8 different types of crime.
murder, burglary, robbery, theft, kidnapping, hijacking, arson, mugging.
5) How did you spend your summer holiday? Did you go anywhere? If yes, who did you go with and what did you visit? Did you enjoy it? What did you like most about them /it?
6) What was the weather like? What was your holiday like if compared to last year's?
7) Did amything amusing happen to you?
Where did you stay? (At a hotel, or in a rented house?) Who paid for your stay?
8) How long did you spend at your holiday destination? Would you have liked (or wanted?) to stay longer?
Will you go back on holiday if you pass your make-up exam?
9) Did you go hiking when you were in the mountains?

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