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If the addition of 2,000 joules of heat to 10 kilograms of a substance raises it's temperature 2 degrees,the specific heat of the substance is. a. 0.01j/kg degrees. b. 0.2j/kg degrees. c. 50 j/kg degrees d. 100 j/kg degrees e. 200j j/kg degrees

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    All you have to do is use the definition of specific heat, C.

    C = Q/(M*deltaT)= 2000/(10*2.0) = ?

    Q is the heat added and "delta T" is the rise in temperature. M is the mass. Those are the symbols usually used. you may encounter others.

    Familiarize yourself with the equation, which should be easy to find in your textbook or class notes.

    Now do the calculation and make your choice.

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