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Two trains face each other on adjacent tracks. They are initially at rest, and their front ends are 50 m apart. The train on the left accelerates rightward at 1.05 m/s2. The train on the right accelerates leftward at 0.93 m/s2.
(a) How far does the train on the left travel before the front ends of the trains pass?
(b) If the trains are each 150 m in length, how long after the start are they completely past one another, assuming their accelerations are constant?

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    The distance covered is 50 m, so let the rightmost train go x meters, the left goes 50-x m in the same time...

    x=1/2 aright*time^2
    50-x=1/2 aleft*time^2

    divide the equations


    solve for x (right), and 50-x (left)

    b. now, the distance apart the ends starts at 350m.

    one goes y, the other 350-y
    solve it again, only this part find the time.

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