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I need to know whether I have at least five adjectives and five adverbs in this paragraph. I am really struggling with this. I understand what adverbs and adjectives are, I am just having trouble writing a paragraph where I have to insert them!

One of the biggest risks of a variable rate loan is the fact that your interest rate is never the same, which means you will never have the same loan payment amount each month. One month you could pay a small amount of $75, which could be a lower payment than that of a variable rate loan, but the next month you could be paying $110 just because of the interest rate. This is very hard for those of us that like to budget, and know what to expect to go out of their accounts every month. Banks and books say that variable rate loans may be worth the risk if you are not going to be having the loan out for a long period of time. In my opinion, you should not get a variable rate loan for anything except for maybe a small car loan. If you are going to be getting a home loan, you should definitely get a fixed rate mortgage. Your beginning payments may be small, but could grow very fast, and you could find yourself paying more a month for your mortgage than you budgeted for!

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    You have enough adjectives, but I'll need to read it again to see about adverbs. Can you repeat them? Or are you to have five different adverbs? Also are you supposed to label them?

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