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Homework Help: Marine Science

Posted by maria on Monday, August 15, 2011 at 6:28pm.

1.Which condition is believed to be caused by El Niño and effectively weakens hurricanes in the Atlantic ocean?
*warm water temperatures
*high wind shear
*low wind shear
*high pressure

2.We only see hurricanes in the summer months because
*there is more rain in the summer.
*the winds are calmer in the summer.
*the water is saltier in the summer.
*the water is warmer in the summer.

3.Hurricanes in the Northern hemisphere always rotate:
*there is no rotation due to the Coriolis effect

4.Check the boxes below that indicate possible damaging effects directly caused by a hurricane:
*low waves
*high winds
*rip tides
*wind shear
*coastal flooding

5.Which of the following conditions describes the eye of a hurricane? Check all that apply.
*low pressure
*high pressure
*high winds
*calm winds
*higher water levels
*lower water levels

6.Which of the following lists the four steps of hurricane development in the proper order?
*area of low pressure, hurricane, tropical storm, tropical depression
*area of low pressure, tropical depression, tropical storm, hurricane
*tropical depression, area of low pressure, tropical storm, hurricane
*area of low pressure, tropical storm, tropical depression, hurricane

7.Explain what the difference is between a hurricane watch and hurricane warning.

8.Explain how a storm surge forms and what effect this can have on the coastline.

9.Explain why hurricanes cannot form along the equator.

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