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Homework Help: BIOLOGY

Posted by Sabby on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 9:57am.

Please tell me if I am getting them right? PLEASE HELP

In a moist area of the woods, you see a mass of small, green plants with tall, thin, non-green projections coming from their centers. These plants are probably

A. seed-bearing.
B. nonvascular. ***
C. drought-resistant spores.
D. both a and b.

Question 3
Which structure is NOT present in most vascular plants?

A. seeds
B. gametophyte
C. conductive tissue ***
D. rhizoids

What tissue transports sugars from regions where they are made to regions where they are used?

A. meristem
B. xylem
C. phloem
D. ground tissue***

4. Which of the following is TRUE of an open circulatory system, but is NOT TRUE of a closed circulatory system?

A. Water is drawn into the mantle cavity to provide oxygen to body tissues.
B. Lungs branch into small tubules to provide oxygen to tissues.
C. Wastes are eliminated directly to the environment from tissues.
D. Body tissues are bathed directly in fluid containing oxygen. ***

5. Reproductive polyps of Obelia produce male and female medusa

A. hydrostatically.
B. asexually.
C. colonially.
D. sexually.

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