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Can some one help me with these questions?
Because Japan was hit by the worldwide economic depression in the 1930s, military leaders were able to gain power.
Question 1 answers

Question 2 text Question 2
After Japan withdrew from the League of Nations they aligned themselves with the United States of America.
Question 2 answers

Question 3 text Question 3
Which system of government rests furthest left on the political spectrum and as a totalitarian regime, focuses on the government owning all aspects of the economy, including property and the means of production?
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Question 4 text Question 4
Totalitarianism is
Question 4 answers
a system in which one leader rules all aspects of the lives of citizens.
the tension between two superpower nations that led to an arms race.
giving in to demands to keep the peace.
lightning war destroying a city and society completely.

Question 5 text Question 5
Mein Kampf is
Question 5 answers
lightning war.
the "Night of Broken Glass" during which businesses and homes of German Jews were destroyed.
giving into demands in order to keep the peace.
a book written by Hitler while imprisoned; means "My Struggle."

Question 6 text Question 6
What occurred on the nights of November 9 and 10 inthat was a precursor for what was to come?
Question 6 answers
Laws were established that required Germans to marry Jews.
Japanese-Americans were sent to live in internment camps in Germany.
Anna Akhmatova was arrested for her poetry that spoke negatively about Stalin.
Businesses and homes of Jews were destroyed in an organized violent attack.

Question 7 text Question 7
Joseph Stalin's Five-Year Plan was
Question 7 answers
based on Communist ideals.
sought to modernize the nation.
an extension of control over its citizens, to the point that those not meeting production. requirements were humiliated, arrested, exiled, or even killed.
all of the above

Question 8 text Question 8
Germany and France signed a non-aggression pact in 1939, although Germany later violated that pact.
Question 8 answers

Question 9 text Question 9
Which of the following did NOT occur after Germany invaded the Soviet Union?
Question 9 answers
Germany was engaged in a double-fronted war.
The German troops endured a harsh winter, for which they were not prepared.
The Soviet Union made an agreement with Great Britain to come to each other's aid and fight against Germany.
Germany conquered the Soviet Union and exiled Joseph Stalin to Siberia.

Question 10 text Question 10
Isolationism is
Question 10 answers
places where Japanese-Americans were relocated during World War II.
a secret American project in which scientists developed the atomic bomb.
living space.
a policy in which a nation avoids interfering in the situations of other nations.
Question 11 text Question 11
Internment camps are
Question 11 answers
places where Japanese Americans were relocated during World War II.
a secret American project in which scientists developed the atomic bomb.
living space.
a policy in which a nation avoids interfering in the situations of other nations.

Question 12 text Question 12
Hitler believed that what group of people were the master race, as he made plans for territorial expansion to provide more living space for them?
Question 12 answers

Question 13 text Question 13
Identify the scientist who became the director of the Manhattan Project, which created the atomic bomb.
Question 13 answers
Albert Einstein
Wernher Von Braun
Robert Oppenheimer
Adolf Hitler

Question 14 text Question 14
How many people, worldwide, are believed to have died during World War II?
Question 14 answers
6 million
20 million
60 million
200 million

Question 15 text Question 15
All of the following leaders EXCEPT which individual met at Potsdam, Germany in the summer of 1945 in order to determine the fate of the Axis Powers?
Question 15 answers
U.S. President Harry Truman
Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin
British Prime Minister Winston Churchill
German dictator Adolf Hitler

Question 16 text Question 16
Which two superpowers were caught in an arms race during the Cold War, as they competed with each other to acquire advanced weaponry and build up their militaries?
Question 16 answers
Britain and France
Germany and Austria
the United States and the Soviet Union
Turkey and Greece

Question 17 text Question 17
What was the name of the statement issued by President Truman that promised aid and support to other nations to prevent them from falling victim to communism?
Question 17 answers
the Potsdam Statement
the Truman Doctrine
the Monroe Doctrine
the Communist Manifesto

Question 18 text Question 18
After World War II, Germany was divided among France, Britain, the United States and the Soviet Union. An actual wall was built in Berlin that separated the Communist-controlled Soviet section from the capitalist sections of Germany.
Question 18 answers

Question 19 text Question 19
What two new alliances were made after World War II, one between Communist Eastern European nations and the other between Western non-Communist nations?
Question 19 answers
Allied Powers and Axis Powers
NATO and Warsaw Pact
Deterrents and Allies
Central Powers and Allied Forces

Question 20 text Question 20
The NATO and the Warsaw Pact were created
Question 20 answers
to increase economic growth in Europe
to improve American-Canadian relationships
to administer the German government
as a mutual defense treaties to discourage aggression

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