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can you help me thank you:

2.Detecting bias is one of the major keys to effective critical thinking and reading. True or False, I believe True

3.Deductively valid arguments can guarantee their conclusions. True or False, I believe it is false

4.A fallacy is an unreliable and illogical inference. true or false, i believe it's true.

5. An argument is a message that is being sent with the purpose of persuading us to accept certain information. True or False, i believe it's true.

6. Criticizing arguments means finding fault with them. True or False, i believe it's False.

7. We should not necessarily judge an argument as a good argument just because we agree with it. True or false, i believe its true.

8. The factors that influence newsworthiness are based on the needs of the general public. True or false, I can say false but at the same time true, i don't know.

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    Erika, Naomi -- please use the same name for your posts.

    I agree with all of your answers.

    I don't see how the needs of the general public were helped in the Anthony trial.

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    Thank you

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    Ms. Sue You have help so many students and your awesome!!

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    You're welcome -- and thank you for your compliment.

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