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Posted by lizzie on Saturday, August 6, 2011 at 4:56pm.

Outline of my speech on Aggressive Driving. Is this correct?
Topic- Aggressive Driving
•Road Rage
oInjuries and deaths
oIncreasing road rage
oGrowing epidemic
•Aggressive Driving
Verbal Road Rage
Quiet Road Rage
Epic Road Rage
oMost people have committed
aggressive driving at one time
oCrashes caused by aggressive
violent drivers
o90% have experienced aggressive
driving incident
oNo one profile of an aggressive
•Encountering Road Rage in a Positive
oProtecting yourself
Don’t block the passing lane
Don’t tailgate-Maintaining a safe
Use your turning signal
Don’t make rude gestures
Don’t blow your horn in anger
oSenseless acts can be prevented
oInnocent lives can be saved

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