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If I wanted to say "Overall, I really liked the movie", would I use "aimer" in the imperfect or past tense. Would it be imperfect because I liked the movie when I was watching it, and I still like it now?

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    The passé composé is action completed. It has a beginning and an end. The English translation has 2 possibilities: a) I did like, b) I liked.

    The imparfait is on going. We know it had a beginning, but as far as you know it might still be going on. There are 3 possibilities for translation: a) I liked (here it crosses over with the passé composé), b) I used to like c) I was liking.

    Sometimes only the speaker can decide which to use. In this case, the passé composé seems better. (I DID like). If you still like it now, the Present Indicative is the tense...Je l'aime. (I like it, I DO like it, I AM likING it.

    The Past Tense in French could be either the passé composé or l'imparfait.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    "Dans l'ensemble, j'ai vraiment aimé le film"
    The "passé composé " is required here (for an event that began and ended in the past).

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    Tu dis " J'ai vraiment aime ce film "

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