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Math Trigonometry

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determine the amplitude and period of each function.

1) y = 3sin (2x-pi/2)
2) y = -3sin2 (x-pi/4)
3) y = 2cos (2x+pi)
4) y = -2cos2 (x+pi/2)

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    for y = a sin (kx) or y = a cos (kx)
    the amplitude is |a| and the period is 2π/k

    so for the first one, y = 3 sin (2x - π/2)
    amplitude is 3 , period = 2π/2 = π

    do the others the same way.

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    The amplitude is the coefficient in front of the trig term. Forget whether it is + or -.

    Let a be the number in front of the x.

    a = 2 pi/P, so

    P = 2 pi/a

    For question 1), the amplitude is 3 and the period is pi

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