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Posted by Neha on Thursday, August 4, 2011 at 10:47am.

92.01 grams of N2O4 (g) is placed in a container and allowed to dissociate.
N2O4 (g) --> 2NO2 (g)
The mixture of N2O4 and NO2 resulting from the reaction occupies 36.0 liters
at a total pressure of 773 mmHg and 45 °C.

A. Let x equal the moles of N2O4 that dissociate. How many moles of N2O4
remain un-dissociated, and how many moles of NO2 are produced?

B. What are the mole fractions of N2O4 and NO2 in the mixture?

C. What are the partial pressures of N2O4 and NO2 in the mixture?

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