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Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 11:58pm.

Please help.. Did i identify all of the adverbs and adjectives in the following?

I personally did not have any credit cards for a very long time. In the past, I have had more then I needed and found them only causing me problems. I was young and not very aware of the responsibilities needed to handle credit cards correctly. There are too many hidden costs, fees, and some of the interest rates are out of control. Currently I have only one credit card and I only used it for emergencies. It is a very low limit. Therefore, I cannot over spend like before. I would not recommend a credit card to any young adult. At least until they have a great sense of responsibility and a clear understanding of credit cards. I thought that I did, but I was wrong. It had taken me so long to pay back everything that I had owed plus the interest. Now when I get a new credit card offer I do not even look at it. I tear it up and throw it into the garbage.

Adjectives: any, long, hidden, aware, young, understanding, clear
Adverbs: not, just, currently, when, personally, only

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