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1.If its molar solubility is designated by x, then which of the following expressions best represents the solubility product for the substance Ag2SO4?
a) x2 b) 27x4 c) 4x3 d) 108x5 e) 3x4

2. Consider the equilibrium, 4HCl(g) + O2(g) 2H2O(g) + 2Cl2(g).
The equilibrium law expression for the balanced chemical equation would be:
a) [HCl][O2] / [H2O][Cl2]
b) [H2O]2[Cl]2 / [HCl]4[O2]
c) 2[H2O][Cl2] / 4[HCl][O2]
d) [HCl]4[O2] / [H2O]2[Cl2]2
e) [H2O][Cl2] / [HCl][O2]

3. 64 grams of KOH crystals are placed in 150 mL of distilled water in a sealed container. After 2 days a few crystals are still visible. The condition this system is in is best described as which of the following?
a) still reacting with the water
b) at maximum enthalpy
c) saturated
d) at equilibrium
e) supersaturated

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