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the body mass index ,I,can be used to determine an individuals risk for heart disease. An index less then 25 indicates a low risk. The body mass index is given by the formula,or model,I=700w/h2, where w = weight,in pounds,and H=height,in inches.Jerome is 72 inches tall.What weight will keep his body mass index between 24 an 33?

Jerome body mass index will fall between 24 and 33 for the set of all weight such that_____________< W<_____

  • algebra -

    Start with the given equation of
    I=700w/72^2 Plug in Jerome's height
    Since we want the BMI to be between 24 and 33, we have to construct an inequality.
    Multiply all sides by 5184
    Once you delete unnecessary duplications you have the inequeality of
    Now all you have to do is divide by 700 on both sides as above and you will have your answer. Just remember to write it as an inequality.
    Double check the math.

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