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management information system

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hi theres a bunch of wrong answers in my quiz earlier and i want to know the correct answer, so please help, and this not not my homework..thanks
1.amount of time and attention required is a typical___measure of product performance
a. cost b.quality(my answer wrong) c. responsiveness d. reliability
2. all information systems can be described as organizational and managemnt solutions:
a. conflict req. c. competitive stressors d. challengesposed by environment. e.the globalization of business(wrong ans.) sytems are:
a.strategic level system b. management level system c. opreational(wrong ans.) d. knowledge e. transactional level systems
4.providing individuals with effective ways to process personal and organizational business data in order to perform calculations and to create documents is the main function of:
a. comunication system b. office automation system c. transaction processing system d. management information system


  • management information system -

    Please indicate what YOU THINK the answer for each one is. Also, please learn to type in standard format -- with proper capitalization, punctuation, and spacing.

  • management information system -

    okay thanks

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