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A 2.0-kg wooden block slides down an inclined plane 1.0 m high and 3.0 m long. The block starts from rest at the top of the plane. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and plane is 0.35. What is the speed of the block when it reaches the bottom?

  • physics -

    Sin¤= 1/3

    Fnet= Fg// - Ff
    Fnet= mg.sin¤ -Ff
    Fnet= 6.183N

    a= Fnet/m
    a= 6.183/2

    (Vf^2)=(Vi^2) +2as
    Vf^2= (0)+2(3.091)(3)
    Vf^2= 18.546
    Vf= 4.31m/s downward.

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  • physics -

    a skier starts from rest and slide 9 m down a slope in 3 s. at what time, after starting, will the skier acquire a velocity of 24m/s? assume constant acceleration.

  • physics -

    how can you solve it using work power and energy?

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