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Pronoun Pratice

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I have written a paragraph about credit cards using at least five different pronouns. Could you please look over it and let me know if you see any errors, if my pronoun use is correct and if the sentences are complete. If you have any input about how a sentence can be improved please let me know.

My husband Chris and (I) don’t have any credit cards, and don’t want any. (We) have very good credit and would like to keep it that way. Whenever a credit card offer comes in the mail (it) gets shredded. As a matter of fact because of (our) great credit we just bought me a new car. Chris says with the high interest rates and ridiculous annual fees that (most) credit cards are evil and (who)**trying to figure out which pronoun is best to use here** (anyone) would be able to afford it. We have seen some of our friends get (themselves) into a lot of trouble with credit card debt. To (us) home ownership is more important, and having our credit in order is imperative since we’ll be first time buyers.

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    A couple of corrections.

    "that (most) credit cards are evil" >> MOST is an adjective here.

    "Who" is a good pronoun for the subject of "would be able to afford it."

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    Is the sentence

    "that (all) credit cards are evil"

    correct? is it the correct use of a pronoun?

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    "that (all) credit cards are evil" >> "all" is also an adjective here.

    Examples of "most" and "all" used as pronouns:

    Most of the credit card companies make a huge profit.

    She cancelled all of her credit cards.

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    Ok I see know. Thank you so much for your time!

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    You're very welcome.

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