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Dear MS. Writeacher - Thank You

1.(4). Since the previous scan, the patient has undergone surgery leaving a distorted and small right hemithorax.

I put the comma here because you could start a new sentence with The Patient .....

2.(5). The remainder of the visualized aspects of the upper abdomen were unremarkable.

Changed it to were unremarkable


    1 = correct

    The problem with #2 is that the subject (remainder) is singular, but the verb (whether it's "are" or "were") is plural. It would be better to rephrase the sentence like this:

    The remaining visualized aspects of the upper abdomen are unremarkable. (You could also use "were" in this sentence.)

    Now the subject is "aspects" (plural) and the verb agrees/matches it. Here is a link explaining the specific error in the original sentence:
    See #8.

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