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An object 0.600 cm tall is placed 16.5 cm to the left of the vertex of a concave mirror having a radius of curvature of 22.0 cm. (a) Draw a principle-ray diagram showing the formation of the image. (b) Calculate the position, size, orientation (erect or inverted), and nature (real or virtual) of the image.

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    We can't plot ray diagrams for you.

    For the image location, use the standard equation, which you should know.

    1/Di + 1/Do = 1/f

    f = R/2 = 11 cm is the focal length
    Do is the object distance
    Di is the image distance

    1/Di + 1/16.5 = 1/11

    Di = 33 cm

    Magnification = Di/Do = 2

    It is a real inverted image.

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    F*** you! That wasn't the right answer!

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