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Physics-Need Help fast!

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Part 1
A 3m long pipe is in a room where the temperature is 20 degrees C. What is the frequency of the first harmonic if the pipe is closed at one end?

Part 2
sound traveling in air at 23 degrees C enters a cold front where the air temp is 2 degrees C. If the sound frequency is 1500 Hz determine the wavelength in the colder air and in the warmer air, respectively.

Part 3
The speed of an ultrasonic sound of frequency 45KHz in air is 342 m/s what is the air temp?

  • Physics-Need Help fast! -

    You need to use the equation that relates sound speed in air to temperature.

    There are many sites to help you with this, such as

    3. Ultrasonic sound has the same speed as sound we can hear. A sound speed of 342 m/s requires T = 19 C.

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