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The radius of the Earth is 6.38 x(10^6)m. How far (path length) does a point on the equator move if the Earth rotates...

20 degrees
20 radians
20 revolutions

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    Assume this: The Earth rotates exactly around N and S poles, Earth is perfect sphere, and do not count the Earth's orbit around the sun.

    HINT: Ө = d/r, where Ө is in radians...and circumference = 2πr

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    Help me find c.

  • Physics -

    Charlie and John -- and a few others -- you are all using the same computer -- and appearing to be the same person who is talking to himself.

    Please don't confuse us with multiple user names.

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    Ms. Sue is correct. The games you're playing are a good way to get yourself banned.

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