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The market for apple pies in the city is competitive and has the following demand schedule:
Price Quantity Demanded
$1 1,200
2 1,100
3 1,000
4 900
5 800
6 700
13 0

Each producer in the market has fixed costs of $9 and the following marginal cost:
Quantity Marginal cost
1 pie $2
2 4
3 6
4 8
5 10
6 12

A) compute each producer's total cost and average total cost for 1 to 6 pies.
B) The price of a pie is now $11. How many pies are sold? How many pies does each producer make? How many producers are there? How much profit does each producer earn?
C) Is the situation described in bar (b) a long-run equilibrium? Why or why not?
D) Suppose that in the long run there is free entry and exit. How much profit does each producer earn in the long-run equilibrium? What is the market price and number of pies each producer makes? How many pies are sold? How many pie producers are operating?

I know this is a lot but I really could use the help! Thanks.

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