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In your socks assignment, create 5 scenarios, in which your hourly pay rate and the socks per hour change:
the current "child labor" scenario ($0.25 per hour, 4 socks per hour)
"GM employees " ($63,6)
"Weedheads" ($5,1)
"McDonalds employees" ($8,8)
"Philippinos" ($3,30)
We need mroe information on what labor costs we can sustain. Please use goal seel to produce a $ 300,000 profit by changing the $ per hour we pay for our labor; the
n set that back to $.025, and change the socks per hour that get produced. How many socks per week do we need the foreign children to produce, to give us the $ 300,000 profit that we selected?
Use the third what if option in your socks spreadsheet - data table.
Prepare a data table showing the profit you will have if the socks per hour (the column variable) is 4, 2, 1, or 0.5; and the pay per hour (the row variable) is $0.25, $5, $30, and $63

  • help??? Unknown!!! -

    What in heaven's name are you talking about?

    socks assignment?
    goal seel?
    foreign children?

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    i believe she meant to type stocks not socks lol and it looks like an assignment....textbook would definitely come in handy :)

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