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Homework Help: English

Posted by Priya on Thursday, July 21, 2011 at 1:29pm.

Please check my work:

Proofread the passage looking for grammar, puntuation, and spelling errors.

Most students do not like english

class. They think think its a waste of

there time and energy. An't nobody

likes to right papers and take tests

anyway? Me and you dont. My friend

Johnny now him know alot about this

grammar stuff. I always am asking he

to help me, with my English homework.

Him is a good friend. I now someday

ill be good at this english stuff. I

guess I just got to study hard. Maybe

Johnny can help learn me.

Correct version:

Most students do not like English

class. They think it's a waste of

their time and energy. Nobody likes to

wirte papers and take tests. Anyway, I

and you don't. My friend Johnny,

he know a lot about Grammar. I am

always asking him to help me, with my

English homework. He is a good friend.

I know someday I'll be good at

English. I guess I just have to study

harder. Maybe Johnny can teach me.

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