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Thirty percent of the students in a high school face a disciplinary action of some kind before they graduate. Of those students, 40% go on to college. Of the 70% who do not face a disciplinary action, 60% go on to college.

What percent of the students from the high school go on to college?
Choose one answer.

a. 12%

b. 42%

c. 50%

d. 54%

What is the probability that a randomly selected student both faced a disciplinary action and went on to college?

a. .12

b. .40

c. .42

d. .84

Given that a randomly selected student goes on to college, what is the probability that he or she faced a disciplinary action?

a. .12

b. .22

c. .30

d. .78

  • statistics -

    Part I:
    (0.3)(0.4) + (0.7)(0.6) = ?

    Part II:
    (0.3)(0.4) = ?

    Part III
    (fraction disciplined who went to college)/(fraction who went to college)
    = (0.3)(0.4)/(Part I answer) = ?

  • statistics -

    22.2 for part 3

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