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Rewrite the following sentencesto make them effective and precise.

1. The newspaper reported about how the hostages in Jolo were rescued.

The newspaper reported about the hostages' rescue.

2. In actual fact, he posed as a policeman to extort money from the old lady.

He pretended to be a policeman in order to take the old lady's money.

3. he was told that that particular mistake should not reoccur again in his writing.

he was told that he would not make the same mistake again in his writing.

4. it is several months ago since he visited his grandparents.

he has not seen his grandparents for a long time.

5. The information was true as at the time of publication.

The information was true when it was published.

6. As from Monday next week, classes ill begin twenty minutes earlier.

Starting next Monday, classes will begin twenty minutes earlier.

7. he advised them as to how to behave on the Speech Day.

he told them how to behave for Speech Day.

8. The group of boys approached the teacher at a time when the teacher was busy.

The boys approached the teacher while she was distracted.

9. At this moment in time, there are no problems at our school.

Currently, our school has no problems.

10. he plays badminton on a regular basis.

he plays badminton regularly.

Is this ok, so far?

  • English -

    3. He (capital H) = should not (not would not)

    4. He (capital H) = why not say "for several months?"

    7. He (capital H)

    8. Why not "when she was busy?"

    10. He = capital H


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