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Corrct the 10 mistakes found in the paragraph.

You may have notice this plant Aloe barbadensis in your garden or neighbourhood,but may have not realise its medicinal property. (corrct noticed, realised, capitalise B in Barbadensis) It is used to cure many ailment (ailments) and, in traditional medicine, (no comma after and) it is often a (an) ingredient. The plant is about 30cm to 60cm high if they are healthy (it is). The leaves, when cut, yields (yield) a thick juice. The juice, when concentrated by evaporation or by boiling, on a very low fire, become (becomes) a medicinal product called aloe. (capital A in Aloe?) The aloes have an odour because of the presence of an essential oil. Though the smell is not unpleasant, the taste is disagreeably bitter.

are my corrections accurate?

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    The only changes I'd make is to put commas around "this plant, Aloe barbadensis, in your garden" and leave barbadensis with a lower-case "b."

    The last reference to aloe should be lower case.

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