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Posted by Priya on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at 7:10pm.

Please check my work.

Which word is correct?

1. I think (there, their, they're) son is the quarterback of the team. ---> "there"

2. The strom didn't have as much (affect, effect) on our community as it did no others. ---> effect

3. He is much bigger (than, then) remember him being. ---> "than"

4. The (principle, principal) of the school graduated with my sister. ---> "principal"

5. You have no choice but to (accept, except) this decision. ---> "accept"

6. When I got home, my parents had (already, allready) left. ---> "already"

7. The streets surrounding the (capital, capitol) will be closed today. ---> "capital"

8. Did you win or (loose, lose) the game? ---> "lose"

9. She performed (good, well) on the balance beam. ---> "good"

10. These colors (complement, compliment) each other well. ---> "complement"

(Note: I’m not confident with #3 & #4 choice).

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