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Posted by Priya on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at 9:34am.

Please check my work.

Identify whether each sentence is complex, an exclamation, declarative, or interrogative.

1. Tim likes soup, so Mary bought tomatoes. ----- Complex

2. Oh no! ----- Exclamation

3. Do you want to play in the Garden? ----- Interrogative

4. In the story, the author told how useful a sled can be. ----- Complex

5. She plays the piano. ----- Declarative

6. I love u! ----- Exclamation

7. My brother baked a cake last night. ----- Declarative

8. The car broke down, but a rescuer van arrived within minutes. ----- Complex

9. If you leave late, take a cab home. ----- Complex

10. What did you name your new puppy? ----- Interrogative

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