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An object(A) of mass 0.2kg strikes a second object (B) of mass 0.35kg that is initially at rest. Mass A has an initial velocity of +3m/s.

A) Assume that the collision is entirely inelastic. calculate the final state for these objects. calculate the total energy for this system before and after the collision. is mechanical energy conserved? if not, account for the discrepancy.

B) now assume that the collision is now entirely elastic. Calculate and describe the final velocities for the two objects A and B. ( the collision is in one dimension)

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    a) Assuming the masses get stuck, they travel at the same velocity stuck together. Momentum is conserved.

    You and solve for that velocity
    MaVa+MbVb=(Ma+Mb)V solve for V. Now you can answer the energy part.

    b) Now, elastic, the math is harder, the masses are not stuck together, and each has a new velocity.
    Momentum is conserved, as is momentum. Use those equations to find each final velocty.

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