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Please check my work.

Correctly identifying the part of speech of each word in the sentences.

Example: The boy hit the ball

The (definite article) boy (subject) hit (past tense verb) the (definite article) ball (dircet object).

1. Mother gave me a card for my birthday.

Mother (noun / subject) gave (past tense verb) me (pronoun / indirect object) a (definite article) card (noun / direct object) for (proposition) a (definite article) birthday (noun).

2. The new mail carrier finally arrived.

The (definite article) new (adjective) mail (adjective) carrier (noun) finally (adverb) arrived (verb).

3. How many players are on a team?

How (adverb) many (adjective) players (noun) are (present tense verb) on (proposition) a (definite article) team (noun).

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    Correct ... all of them! Nice!!

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    Thank u.

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    You're very welcome!

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    Why isn't 'a' an indefinite article, since it isn't directly relating to the noun? "A card..." "A team..." aren't defined, meaning the reader of the sentence doesn't know which card or which team.

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