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Maximize z = 16x + 8y subject to:
2x + y ≤ 30
x + 2y ≤ 24
x ≥ 0
y ≥ 0
Graph the feasibility region.
Identify all applicable corner points of the feasibility region.
Find the point(s) (x,y) that maximizes the objective function z = 16x + 8y.

  • Linear Programming -

    If you rewrite the constraints in terms of y, for example,
    2x+y≤30 as
    y≤-2x + 30
    then you can graph the constraints.
    When y≤ something, then the feasible region is below the line, if y>0, the feasible region is above the line.
    For x≥0, it is on the right of the y-axis.

    What do you get for the corner points?

    Once you have the corner points in the form of (x,y), you can evaluate
    Z(x,y) in terms of x and y and hence compare the value of Z that maximizes its value.

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