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A Norman window consists of a rectangle capped by a semi-circular regional. The perimeter of some particular Norman window must be 30 meters. The radius of the semi-circular region is "x" meters. The height of the rectangle is "h" meters. Find the values pf "x" and "h" such that this Norman window has a maximum area. That is, the Norman window will permit the most light to shine through.

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    If the radius is x, then the base of the rectangle is 2x
    let the height of the rectangle be h

    Perimeter = 30 = (1/2)(2πx) + 2h + 2x
    30 = πx + 2h + 2x
    h = (30 - πx - 2x)/2

    Area = A = 2xh + (1/2)πx^2
    = 2x(30 - πx - 2x)/2 + (1/2)πx^2

    I will let you finish it ...
    simplify a bit, then differentiate,
    set the derivative equal to zero and solve for x

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