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A race car is able to accelerate at a rate of 14m/s2. After exiting a turn at a speed of 15m/s, the car enters a straightaway and accelerates to a speed of 96m/s just as it reaches the end of the straightaway and enters the next turn.
A)how long did it take the car to accelerate to 96m/s.
b) how long is the straightaway, from the point where the car began accelerating the to point where it entered the next turn?

  • physics -

    a. Vf = Vo + at,
    t = (Vf-Vo)/a = (96-15) / 14 = 5.79s.

    b. Vf^2 = Vo^2 + 2ad,
    d = (Vf^2-Vo^2)/2a,
    d = (9216-225) / 28 = 321m.

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